Postmodern Jazz from Hamburg and Barcelona

Okay, Kling Klong was never the greatest band in the world. The Beatles were a little more successful, the Sex Pistols more aggressive, Miles Davis was cooler. But KLING KLONG has nevertheless found its way through the pop and jazz world.

And just by the way: The Beatles, the Sex Pistols, Miles Davis – none of them exist anymore. KLING KLONG, on the other hand, is alive. And how!

KLING KLONG was founded in the early 80s in Marburg, Germany. Helmut Kohl has just become Federal Chancellor and Michael Jackson published “Thriller”. The five musicians from KLING KLONG began to experiment with rhythms, melodies and sounds. They were heavily influenced by the New York no-wave scene around Lounge Lizzards and Arto Lindsay, as well as by the British band Rip Ric and Panic by singer Neneh Cherry.

But KLING KLONG also took on influences from foreign musical cultures, for example from the Arab and Latin American world. The KLING KLONG mix of alternative rock and freely improvised jazz was enthusiastically celebrated in clubs and at festivals. In 1983 the band finally released their first album: „Love Your Fridge“ (Schneeball Records) and toured extensively through Germany, Italy and London.

This is where the first chapter of KLING KLONG ends: The band members pursued other professions, such as jazz critic, film musician, internet entrepreneur and documentary filmmaker. Three members moved to Hamburg, one musician now lives in southern Germany, another near Barcelona.

Kling Klong Band
Kling Klong HH 2021

Since 2018, after more than three decades, KLING KLONG has been reunited. The world has continued to turn – and with it the musical direction of the band. Today KLING KLONG is reinforced by the drummer Dirk Dhonau and the percussionist Yogi Jockusch. The band plays more rhythmically than before, with bold melodies and improvisations. There is also a new element: the voice of the writer and author Alexander Kluge. The band uses fragments of interviews that Stephan Lamby conducted with him in a rhythmic manner – like another instrument.

KLING KLONG has just produced a new album with a new sound in the Syrinx studio in Hamburg: “Everyone is a transmitter”. The album will be released end of May 2022 on Enja Records (Enja 9781). Then KLING KLONG will go on tour again.

Current occupation:

Roland Musolff (keyboards)
Stefan Hentz (guitar)
Stephan Lamby (saxophone)
Sascha Siebenmorgen (bass, vocals)
Hubl Greiner (Schlagzeug)
Dirk Dhonau (drums)
Yogi Jockusch (percussion)

More information on our Facebook page or contact us directly via info@klingklong.info or phone +49 151 173 833 396

New Video to radio hit „Jeder Mensch ein Sender“ (Everybody is a radio)