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Kling Klong - by Alexander Kiausch
Kling Klong – photo by Alexander Kiausch



Influenced by the New York noise and no-wave scene, the band was founded in the early 80s. Their music is full of surprising twists and turns – jazz, noise, intense improvisations, hip hop, powerful grooves, scratchy punk, Dada, atmospheric film scores…. The band is
enthusiastically celebrated on international tours.

Their new album „Jeder Mensch ein Sender“ (enja, 2022) is dynamic and groove-driven and broadens the perspectives of the songs through rhythmically inserted snippets of speeches by well-known politicians.

To the playful deconstructions, author and filmdirector Alexander Kluge contributes philosophical fragments from interviews, which are also embedded in the music and treated like another instrument.


Stephan Lamby / Sax, Vocals
Stephan Lamby is a musician and filmmaker. As a journalist he gets unusually close to many influential personalities. Angela Merkel, Olaf Scholz, Annalena Baerbock, Fidel Castro, Henry Kissinger, Miles Davis, Rolf and Joachim Kühn, Ornette Coleman, Gil Evans…
With his films, Stephan Lamby provides special insights into worlds that otherwise remain closed to most of us. He describes political Germany and ihas won many awards, including the „German Television Award“, the „Golden Camera“, as „Journalist of the Year 2018“ and was nominated for an International Emmy.

Stephan Lamby regularly talks with the German filmmaker, writer and philosopher Alexander Kluge.

As a saxophonist, he impresses with extravagant improvisations, a warm, full tone and clear articulation. He explores border areas between jazz, punk or hip hop and is stylistically reminiscent of John Coltrane or John Lurie. Lamby’s typical saxophone sound
plays a special role in the overall sound of the band.


Sascha Siebenmorgen / Bass, Vocals

Sascha Siebenmorgen is a bassist, guitarist and singer living in Barcelona. Besides KLING KLONG he was also active in the Hamburg indie scene with the band „Jesus Burning Liquor“. In Spain he is known through the duo „Dr. Moreau’s“.


Roland Musolff / Keyboards, Sampler, Vocals

Roland Musolff not only shapes the KLING KLONG sound with his intense keyboard playing and sonorous samples, but as a composer he is also responsible for the film scores of over 50 documentaries, including „Von Bananenbäumen träumen“ or „Paris – Kein Tag
ohne dich“.
He is the recipient of many awards including: „Preis der deutschen Filmkritik“, „Grimme-Preis 2018“, „Emmi Awards SFW“, „New York Festivals Gold Medal“.

Stefan Hentz / E-Guitar

Stefan Hentz is a musician and jazz journalist. In addition to his musical activities, he has been writing for „Die Zeit“, the „Neue Zürcher Zeitung“ and has worked for WDR, among others, for over 30 years. His portfolio includes interviews with Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins, Pat Metheny, Fred Frith and John Zorn. He is one of the best connoisseurs of the German jazz scene. In 2019 he was awarded the „Prize for German Jazz Journalism“.
As a guitarist, Stefan Hentz has found his own distinctive sound. He came up with the idea for the piece „Enough is Enough“, which lasts eight minutes and 46 seconds. Exactly as long as a policeman knelt on George Floyd’s neck. The eulogy held by civil rights activist Al Sharpton is part of the song that leaves no one cold.


Hubl Greiner / Drums

Hubl Greiner is a musician, composer, photo artist and filmmaker who has made an international name as an unconventional, innovative and experimental artist. In addition to KLING KLONG, he is known as the former head of the German cult band THE BLECH. He has received international awards, including „Musician of the Year“ (ČSSR 1989), nomination Amadeus (FM4, ORF), Pasticcio Award (ORF), 12 record awards, honorary doctorate, etc. He is invited twice to the „documenta“ Kassel and gives concerts worldwide.
He participates in about 65 CD releases and publishes 10 documentary films as a director.

„…a devil-of-a-fellow and probably one of the most creative producers and musicians in his profession in Europe.“
Ear Magazine / New York


Dirk Dhonau / Drums
Dirk Achim Dhonau is a central figure in jazz and improvised music in Hamburg. In 2023, he won the „Hamburger Jazz Award“, given every two years to an outstanding jazz musician from Hamburg. With KLING KLONG, the grand master on drums drives the band along with infectious grooves and complex rhythms.
Besides KLING KLONG he works as a theater musician and performer. He performs solo and realizes musical-literary-performing projects.

„The drummer Dirk Achim Dhonau, is known for his exceedingly lively and surprising playing.“

„independent jazz music beyond genre boundaries and pigeonholing“ … Indeed, it is worthwhile to experience the performance live. Spiegel


Yogi Jockusch / Percussion

Yogi Yockusch is one of the busiest percussionists in Germany. He can be heard on over 250 CD productions as a studio musician and was principal percussionist on Stage Entertainment’s international musical productions.
He works throughout Europe with a wide variety of artists*, including: Ulrich Tukur, Natalia Klitschko, Vicky Leandros, Achim Reichel or Ofra Haza. Yockusch lives in Hamburg.



1982 – Various – Schneesturm (Schneeball)
1983 – Lieben Sie Ihren Kühlschrank – LP (Schneeball Records 1034)
2022 – Jeder Mensch ein Sender – Album (Enja Records 9781)

Beide Alben hörbar auf https://li.sten.to/klingklong


1981-84 more than 60 concerts in Clubs and festivals in Germany, UK, Italy, Swiss
1983 and 1984 two tours in Italy u.a. Bologna, Padua, Rom, Naples, Bergamo, Bolzano
1983 City Tour London i.a. Barbican Center
2022 June – Berlin i.a. Jazz am Kaisersteg (Jazzkeller 69), Märkischer Künstlerhof,
2022 June – Hamburg i.a. Yoko Club (seriesFat Jazz), Künstlerhaus FAKTOR
2022 October – Konstanz – Contrast
2022 October – Salzburg, Festival Jazz & the City, Jazzit Music Club

Kling Klong – Jeder Mensch ein Sender



… it’s a crazy, inspiring mixture. Because it’s raw and tender, private and political, cheeky,
strong, from the gut and quite clever at the same time. That’s exactly what we’ve been

Petra Rieß, NDR Kultur CD of the week – Zum Podcast!



„There’s something gleefully subversive about this, the spirit of the 1980s reanimated by
socially humorous musicians.“

Jazzthing (rd)


„Lyrics and music come off like old friends. They mix and bond without puffing themselves
up meaningfully.“

Jazzthetik (Hans-Jürgen Linke)

Welt am Sonntag

… influenced by the New York no-wave scene …“
Welt am Sonntag


„Everything has its own mischievous charm. We are thrilled!“

Jazzfun (Jacek Brun)

Are we talking about funk or jazz? Are we talking about hip hop or punk? „Jeder Mensch ein Sender“ („Everyone is a radio“), the new album of the German band KLING KLONG, assembles elements of many genres to musical ready-mades.


„KLING KLONG plays with voices as if they were instruments.“
Tip Berlin


„The band transforms words into unencumbered sounds, turns them into playing material,
enigmatic and freely available.“

Field Notes Berlin

… a rather unconventional approach to traditional jazz styles and other stylistic elements
from funk to hiphop.“
Der Maulbär

Die Zeit

„Their music relies on powerful grooves, in the new album they are spiced with meaty
chunks of words by writer Alexander Kluge.“

„Everyone is a Radio“

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Photos © Alexander Kiausch, Markus Lackinger, Axel Elbblick, Ralf Dombrowski